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Welcome to High5 Loyalty. A dedicated loyalty partner that creates unique, creative, and results-driven campaigns. From complete concepts from scratch to the actual production of loyalty products. The quality of the collectibles is expected to be extremely high. Due to our experience in the industry for over 25 years, we can guarantee that. A good loyalty program leads to increased customer satisfaction and a sustainable relationship with the client.

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A complete on- and offline strategy

Being a full-service loyalty partner, we are happy to take the lead in relieving our clients in the concept and execution of encouraging their customers to participate in a loyalty program. Marketing and communication strategy as a basis for using email marketing, social media, online advertising, and in-store promotion.

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From A to Z…

We are a full-service loyalty partner


We are experts in creating loyalty concepts that align with the objectives of retailers. In close harmony with our clients, we create strategies, analyze customer bases, design rewards programs, and optimize campaigns.


After an overall concept has been approved, our design team proceeds to further develop the collectibles, POS materials, video content, instruction sheets, website, and mobile app.


We also lead our clients in the purchase and production of all on- and offline loyalty products. We only collaborate with selected partners that meet our high quality standards. This allows us to guarantee an efficient and seamless implementation of the concepts.


Our team of experts has an eye for detail and constantly strives to improve the quality of our loyalty programs. We make sure that we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the market.

Quality Control

Quality comes first! Our approach involves maintaining complete control over the entire process. From the initial concept to the final production of our personalized products. To achieve this, we supervise each step of the process with care and thoroughly inspect every detail.

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We always look forward to the launch of a new loyalty program. Together with our clients, we are very excited for every kick-off and the first results of the campaign!

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